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Wasps have a slender, shiny body with a narrow waist and cylindrical legs. They appear to be smooth-skinned. Yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets and paper wasps are the most common types of wasps encountered by people. They make nests from a papery pulp composed of chewed-up wood fibers mixed with saliva. Yellow jackets commonly build nests below ground in old rodent burrows or other cavities. They can also build nests in trees, shrubs, under eaves and inside attics or wall voids. Bald-faced hornets usually create nests in the openings of trees as well as under eaves and along the sides of buildings. Paper wasps often construct nests in sheltered areas such as the eaves of houses or on the branches of trees. Some wasps become aggressive scavengers and may be common around outdoor activities where food or drinks are served.

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